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A comprehensive, interactive, traveling program.
StoryBus builds enthusiasm for literature and a foundation in emergent literacy skills among low-income preschool and kindergarten children.

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“I’m asking my students more open-ended questions, not just about stories but about experiences in general.”

—Veronica Diaz, Curtis Elementary

“I have made my instruction so much more interactive, engaging, problem-solving based and rigorous as a result of StoryBus. It allowed me to level my questioning and my kids to run with their creativity!”

—Adrianne Marquez, Catalyst Schools

“Having time to interact with other teachers and hear what everyone does with their reading sessions gives me ideas of what I can bring back to my classroom.”

—Martha Hurtado, Rachel Carson Elementary

“My students are not afforded many family outings. StoryBus opens the door to a true literacy-sharing parent-child activity. Bringing StoryBus to those families helps them gain new understanding of books and reading and vocabulary development.”

—Deborah Domain, Haugan School


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